GE moisture I.Q

moisture.IQ has two basic building blocks:

•Chassis with mother board, touch screen display, and analyzer communication ports drives

•Measurement modules

•The available modules are

•One-channel aluminum oxide based moisture (M Series probe or MIS Probe), Servomex
(Delta-F) oxygen, auxiliary inputs, with recorder outputs and Div. 2 alarm contacts, or

•Three-channel module similar to the above

At first launch

•Industrial touch-screen display with intuitive graphical user interface

•Calibration reminders, programmable

•USB port for in-field firmware upgrades

•Modbus over RS232

•Remote programming and display over Ethernet using any internet browser

•Division 2 alarm contacts are standard (rating applies with applicable analyzer installation/configuration)

•Delta F input on all available channels

Following in coming months:

•Henry’s Law database imbedded in firmware for liquid applications

•Outputs assignable to any parameter on any channel

•Computer Enhanced Response

•Modbus over RS485 and over Ethernet

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